Progressive Protesters Bombard Ted Cruz at LAX Airport


Voto Latino, a progressive organization, proudly posted a video clip of the harassment on their Twitter feed. The organization captioned the video by stating that politicians such as Cruz “don’t get to be comfortable in public.” The responses to the video were quite critical.

See for yourself:

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Response tweets noted that the conduct of protesters simply makes Cruz look like a victim. Other critics stated that progressives are simply aiding the GOP with behaviors such as this. Some of the feedback subsequently reads as follows:

The Rise of Political Harassment

At this time, Ted Cruz has not issued a public statement in response to the events at LAX. However, the notion of making conservatives uncomfortable is not very new. Rep. Maxine Waters once infamously encouraged protesters to make crowds around conservatives and “push back on them” in public. Although Waters took heat for these statements, it appears as though many on the left internalized them.