Reopen Pennsylvania Protesters Slam Gov. Tom Wolf for Tyranny


In the words of one Pennsylvania demonstrator:

“Telling people they can’t say goodbye to a loved one who is dying? That’s tyrannical. Telling me my job is not essential means activism is absolutely essential.” 

Others censured the Pennsylvania governor for responding to coronavirus in the manner that a socialist dictator would. At the protest, various state residents held American flags, Don’t Tread On Me flags, and stood side-by-side.

Today’s protest comes after President Trump encouraged the reopening of Pennsylvania earlier this week. Trump noted that not all areas in the state have experienced the same amount of COVID-19 infections. Like the president, many Americans also take issue with the one-size-fits-all approach that so many Democrat leaders are choosing to implement.

As Democrat governors like Tom Wolf and other continue to extend shelter-in-place directives, some individuals and businesses are reopening on their own volition. Moreover, sheriffs in various blue state counties are saying they won’t enforce governors’ lockdown orders.