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Could the Russia Investigation Be Coming to an End?

New coverage from The Hill indicates that the Russia investigation could soon be approaching its end.

The Current State of the Russia Probe

House Intelligence Committee Republicans are reportedly getting more and more prepared to end the ongoing Russia investigation. After President Trump’s victory, many of his critics asserted that collusion with the Russian government engendered his win. Therefore, the United States government launched an official investigation into the matter.

Throughout the aforementioned probe, many of the President’s critics opined that the investigation would lead to the incarceration of himself or his family. However, no evidence has surfaced to prove that a single member of the Trump family or administration colluded with Russia. President Trump, himself, has repeatedly denied the allegations against himself, his family, and his team.

New York Republican Pete King provided additional intel on the GOP’s willingness to conclude the controversial Russia probe:

I think we are pretty much near the end of it. I don’t know exactly when it is going to end, but we’ve definitely interviewed just about every possible witness, every plausible witness.

The Controversy Surrounding the Russia Probe

The overall consensus of the Russia investigation is virtually parallel to partisanship. The majority of liberals view the probe as merited and warranted while conservatives see the investigation as a witch hunt. Democrats have moreover vocalized their opposition to Republicans who are ready to end the ongoing probe.

Illinois Democrat Mike Quigley slammed the GOP during a CNN interview on Monday:

We’re being shut off. If I had to predict, in the next month they will shut down the House and Senate investigations. I would imagine they would cheer on the White House attempt to shut down Mueller.

What Do Americans Think of the Potential End of the Russia Probe?

As previously stated, America, as a whole, is considerably divided, especially regarding the perception of the Russia investigation. In the current political climate, many personal opinions align with partisanship and whether or not one identifies as a liberal or conservative.

However, readers of The Hill weighed in with their thoughts regarding the current state of the Russia probe. Americans on both sides of the aisle remain convinced that their opinions are correct, whilst opposing ones are wrong:

The thing that is obvious to people with a brain is that there’s no evidence to support the leftist-progressive delusions of “collusion”.

It’s now obvious that Russia and Trump were colluding all along.

Your hate for Trump is going to eat you people alive. Hahaha…