Russia Slams United States Due to Accusations of 2016 Election Interference


The election of President Trump is also a critical talking point regarding allegations of Russian meddling. Many of the president’s critics believe that he and his associates purposefully colluded with Russia in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. However, Trump and his team have ongoingly denied these claims. In spite of their denials, the Russia investigation is still underway and headed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Despite the animosity, the United States and Russia appear to be working to better their relationship. Officials from both nations are reportedly striving to decrease “tensions.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently explained that America and Russia do maintain certain commonalities:

“There are places where we have shared interests. I worked with them on counterterrorism. There’s a handful of other places around the world where we do have overlapping interests.”

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin appear to have an amicable relationship. However, this amicability is a common cause of criticism from Trump’s detractors.