SamSam Ransomware Paralyzes Atlanta and City Officials are Stunned


“The current Information Security Management System (ISMS), however, has gaps that would prevent it from passing a certification audit, including … lack of formal processes to identify, assess, and mitigate risks … “

Minimizing Ransomware Risk and Loss

Alarmingly, Atlanta is not alone in its lack of preparedness. In fact, research indicates lack of cyber defense awareness and constrained IT budgets are, in part, to blame. While it may be true threat detection software, security protocols, and strong passwords are lynchpin to cyber security, the ability to implement and execute is equally important. With this in mind, and regrettably, there’s something to be said about widespread complacency. All things considered, municipalities should be mindful and learn from the debilitating effects of the attack. In truth, the attacks will continue.