Senate Republicans to announce relief bill just ahead of August recess


Rising COVID-19 cases in states like Florida, Texas, Tennessee and California are universally concerning, and the government seems split on the decision to send children, teachers and staff back into the classroom. 

$1.3 trillion “not enough”

House Democrats have their eye on something that runs out in two weeks: The federal eviction ban, which expires July 31. Nancy Pelosi told Bloomberg TV last week that a $1.3 trillion plan was “not enough.” House Democrats want to provide states with $175 billion in housing funding to pay mortgages and rent for low-income America. 

Pelosi also said this week that Trump needs to employ the Defense Production Act, in order to get medical equipment to states quicker. She has said she is absolutely willing to delay the August recess in order to get an aid package launched. 

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While there are three major players in contention, the GOP controlled Senate, House Democrats and the White House, they all agree on another round of stimulus checks, more funding for schools, and that the next bill needs to get passed quickly, as July 31 and the Congressional August recess is looming.