STDs Becoming More Common Amongst Older Adults


Medical specialists maintain several theories as to why STD rates are climbing amongst older age groups. For starters, adults 55 and up have become more sexually active than in years past. Furthermore, older people who partake in intercourse are less likely to use condoms or other forms of protection. Naturally, this makes them more vulnerable to contracting an STD.

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Traditionally, many elder individuals view protection during sex as a great way to avoid pregnancy. Seeing as older women generally have lower fertility rates than their younger counterparts, some folks may write off “safe” intercourse for this age group as unnecessary.

Though as studies have shown for years, pregnancy deterrence and STD prevention are vital benefits of using protection during sex. Unfortunately, many older people aren’t as aware of this as younger individuals.

Better safe than sorry

There’s no denying that older people have a reduced likelihood of running into surprise pregnancies. However, the same does not apply to their propensity to contract STDs.