Teenagers Are Now Inhaling Condoms on Social Media


These days our teens are doing everything for likes, views, and subscribers. As graphic as it is, we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them.

What Do Americans Think of the Condom Snorting Challenge?

The majority of Americans view the Condom Snorting Challenge and Tide Pod challenge as utterly stupid. Adults have moreover questioned why so many teenagers are willing to place themselves at potentially fatal risk. Are likes, followers, or views truly worth it, question many Americans? Some people have even slammed the aforesaid challenges as examples of natural selection and the dumbing down of America.

Readers of USA Today furthermore weighed in with their thoughts in the comments section of the report:

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Eat a Tide pod first then snort a condom…Then tell adults they want to change the Constitution.

Adds so much credibility to their gun control crusade… roflmao. Have another Tide pods, you clowns[.]

I can’t wait till this generation is in power.