Texas Attorney General SLAMS Beto O’Rourke’s Immigration Plan


“We have to figure out this asylum policy. People figured out the loopholes. People come and claim asylum and we have them for a long time that system is not working.”

Finally, Ken Paxton declared that Congress needs to permit border wall funding. The Texas attorney general maintains that such funds will permit the betterment of conditions for both migrants and officials who work along the Southern border.

Partisanship and Immigration Plans

As a whole, Republicans and Democrats virtually always harbor very different outlooks on immigration. Furthermore, Democrats across the border have repeatedly come out against the president’s plan to build a wall at the Southern border. Unlike the Texas attorney general, Democrats believe that building a wall at the Southern border is wasteful and ineffective.

This is something which President Trump battled Democrat leaders on during the end of 2018 and the beginning months of 2019.

What do Border Patrol Officials Have to Say?

Many individuals who work at the Southern border have supported the president’s moves to build a wall. Border Patrol officials also maintain that illegal immigration places a notable strain on their resources. In spite of this, Democrats have questioned the existence of a crisis at the Southern border.