Texas Governor Gives Exclusive Interview to Fox News


Abbott pointed out to Fox News that Texas coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations have declined, even after the state completely reopened. Ultimately, the Texas Republican governor stated that in light of these details, reopening the economy was, in fact, the proper call.

Silence from the political left

Amid the decline in coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations in the Lone Star State, leftist detractors against reopening are silent.

President Biden, for instance, has not retracted his false claims that reopening Texas and lifting mandatory masking is a “Neanderthal” way of thinking. Likewise, the other Democrats who screamed that Governor Abbott was sentencing folks to death have failed to retract their false assertions as well.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also remains silent about Texas’ progress; interestingly enough, Fauci praised the New York Democrat governor months ago, despite the nursing home coronavirus scandal and more. Fauci has lauded Democrat governors’ responses to COVID-19, yet remains silent about successes stemming from GOP leadership.