The Murdaugh case: Unraveling mysteries of shocking murders and corruption


 Similarly, Satterfield was the Murdaugh family’s longtime housekeeper who died after a mystery trip and fall at the Moselle property in 2018.

Alex Murdaugh allegedly stole the insurance money from her family.

The Murdaugh family has been involved in law for over a century in South Carolina. Members of the family have held positions as solicitors, prosecutors, and judges, and their influence in the legal system has been widespread.

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Recent events have shaken the community, and the public perception has changed. Along shadow has been cast over the Murdaugh family’s legacy. 

Murdaugh is still facing 100 plus financial crimes charges spanning a decade. Where he allegedly stole funds from his clients at his former law firm.

In the meantime, with Friday’s life sentence, he is now being held at the Kirkland Correctional Facility. And will be transferred to a state prison where he will spend the remainder of his days.