The Year of AI: 2023 Around the Globe


The talk of generative AI reinventing internet search lost momentum, with Microsoft’s AI-enabled Bing unable to disrupt Google’s market dominance.

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Concerns related to data security, intellectual property rights, and the propensity of generative AI to “hallucinate” facts hindered widespread deployment.

While 2023 saw the technology as a subject of experimentation and discussion, the coming year is poised for a shift towards focused adoption.

 Major technology companies are restructuring their organizations around AI, integrating it into various services. Businesses are recognizing both the potential and limitations of the digital developments, gearing up to leverage its capabilities for a competitive edge. Creative start-ups are expected to uncover valuable use cases for generative AI in specific domains.

Driving Factors 

Several trends are set to accelerate the evolution in the coming year. Smaller and more accessible generative AI models will soon be usable on smartphones, as exemplified by Apple’s plans.