The Year of AI: 2023 Around the Globe


Open-source models will facilitate the safe deployment of generative AI on proprietary data sets, enabling clear business use cases. The launch of powerful multi-modal models, incorporating text, image, audio, and video, will broaden the creative possibilities.

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Despite technological advancements, governance remains a significant challenge. Concerns about trust, intellectual property, and accountability persist. 

Lawsuits regarding the use of copyright works in training GPT models are pending, prompting governments worldwide to take a more proactive regulatory approach.

As we move into 2024, our collective fascination with AI is expected to intensify. 

The words of science fiction writer William Gibson ring true, reminding us that the “street finds its uses for things.”

The transformative potential of AI continues to captivate our imagination, with the promise of evolving use cases, challenges, and societal implications within our reach.