TikTok Vows to Fight Ban Against App, Pressure For ByteDance to Relinquish Control


TikTok, in the meantime, is vowing to fight back against these efforts.

Here’s how TikTok responded

The social media giant released a public statement in the aftermath of Saturday’s vote. Per TikTok, it is “unfortunate” that House lawmakers opted to pass legislation that is hostile to “free speech rights.”

TikTok then dismissed the concerns about China potentially compelling ByteDance to release private information of American citizens. To this end, the social media company accused US lawmakers of citing privacy matters as a “cover.”

Moving forward, TikTok plans to challenge the legislation prohibiting it across the US via the court system. The company’s public policy for the Americas head even deemed the bill as “unconstitutional” and will therefore move to have it tossed.

More on TikTok

TikTok has previously claimed if Chinese officials demanded access to Americans’ personal data, it would decline to comply. However, officials here in the US aren’t convinced. Some pointed out that China’s security regulations would ultimately force TikTok to play ball.