Trump Confirms: Illegal Immigrants WILL go to Sanctuary Cities


Trump continued, noting the sympathies which Democrats regularly express towards the plights of people who enter the country illegally.

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“What did they say? ‘We want them.’ I said ‘we’ll give em to you.'”

Reactions to Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities

Despite Democrats’ political support for illegal immigrants, Democrats’ response to the idea of President Trump shipping illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities is overwhelmingly negative. Many accused the president of playing political games and using illegal immigrants in order to make a point.

However, many on the right wing questioned the criticism against this decision. If Democrats are truly as supportive of illegal immigrants as they claim, they ought to welcome the latter’s presence in sanctuary cities. After all, sanctuary cities are, by definition, designed to serve as safe havens to protect individuals who unlawfully enter America.

Illegal Immigration in America

Various Border Patrol officials have repeatedly noted the strain which rampant illegal immigration places on their resources. This strain is the source which prompted President Trump to declare a national emergency at the Southern border earlier this year.