Trump to Make Comeback with His New Social Media Site


Later, Miller told Fox News that Americans can expect Trump to release a new social media site within the next few months. The top Trump aide also explained that the 45th president’s social media site will turn out as the “hottest ticket” in the lane of social media.

Many companies have contacted the former president to make business deals with him. However, Miller confirms that Trump has a very clear idea of what his platform shall entail.

How to keep up with the former president

Americans still have to wait two to three more months before they can expect Trump’s new social media platform to arrive. However, there are still other ways to keep up with the former president.

At this time, Trump has an active and frequently updated account on Gab. Likewise, keeping an eye out for the former president’s press releases is also a great way to remain in the loop.

On Monday morning, Trump also shared on Gab a podcast interview that he gave to conservative personality Lisa Boothe. This podcast covers a range of critical matters in politics today.