Trump Unleashes $99 NFT Card Collection


It is worth noting that many NFT releases have turned out to be scams. On social media, critics warned that “Trump Cards” appear scammy as well.

Left-wingers were not the only ones to criticize the former president and the optics of him releasing “limited edition digital trading cards” that are “only” $99.00.

The comments section on conservative social media accounts, such as Newsmax, raised questions about what Trump was thinking. Some of these folks stated the president would be better served focusing on the interests of the American people.

Some conservatives declared it is time to move on from Trump. Many with this view expressed support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running for president in the 2024 election. Already, multiple polls and betting markets have DeSantis considerably ahead of Trump.

Who’s advising Trump?

If the release of Trump-themed NFT cards was meant to revive the president’s bad image after weeks of negative press, it missed the mark big time. At this point, many inquiring minds are wondering who’s advising Trump and influencing his decisions.