Virginia Court Rejects Appeal in Zwerner Case In $40 Million Lawsuit


Zwerner’s legal team welcomed the court’s decision, hailing it as a significant triumph in her pursuit of accountability and justice. Attorneys Diane Toscano, Kevin Biniazan, and Jeffrey Breit expressed confidence in Zwerner’s ca

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se, emphasizing that the school board’s attempts to evade responsibility would ultimately be unsuccessful.

School Board’s Response

In contrast, Anne Lahren, representing the school board, acknowledged the slim chances of success in their appeal, highlighting the rarity of interlocutory appeals. Despite the setback, the school board remains steadfast in its belief that Zwerner’s injuries fall under workers’ compensation jurisdiction.

From the outset, Zwerner has made it clear that she does not seek workers’ compensation benefits, a sentiment echoed by her legal team. The school division’s decision to file for workers’ compensation on her behalf has been met with criticism, with Zwerner’s attorneys denouncing it as an insult to her ordeal.

As the legal proceedings progress, Zwerner edges closer to her day in court, where she hopes to hold the school board accountable for the tragic events that unfolded in her classroom. The rejection of the appeal signals a significant milestone in her quest for closure and accountability.