The USA Herald is your media.   Yes, you, the reader, a regular person that works hard and believes in the American Dream!

Chances are that you don’t own your own publication but are active on social media.   Hence you have had a voice, but not nearly as loud of a voice as the media giants that one-upon-a-time would buy ink by the barrel.  You know, the old school publishers like the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, or Philadelphia Inquirer.

Now, with the The USA Herald’s Viral Media Platform, you can launch a newsworthy story and reach more people than all of the aforementioned publishers combined.

That’s right, for the first time ever, you can launch stories and reach more people than all of the old school media giants combined.  All it takes is a good story that meets our editorial guidelines and a credit card, then you simply press submit on the USA Herald Platform and watch your article go viral.


It’s that simple.   Once your story is submitted sit back and watch audiences engage.  Your story will receive likes, shares, comments, and link clicks.

The trick to having success on the USA Herald platform is to create stories with “social uplift.”   Stories with social uplift provide content that is valuable to readers and therefore is shared more often than stories that are highly promotional or self-serving.

It’s ok if you aren’t a professional writer.   At no additional cost we have a team that may assist in editing or re-writing the story for you, making it more readbable to audiences.

Our goal is to have your article reach as many people as possible and achieve the results you are looking for, whether it’s new sales or just spreading the word about something that is important to you.  Trust us, we get it.

We are The People’s Media.

The USA Herald’s Mission is to give the common man a loud, resounding voice to level the playing field with the media giants.

We’ve found that mainstream media is extremely biased, and rarely will go the distance to tell the full story.  This is because mainstream media is a for-profit business that is controlled by a few elitists, whom align their stories with their own interests.

That’s ok, as it is human nature.   And that’s why on The USA Herald’s Viral Media Platform you can do the exact same by launching stories that are important to you that tell your angle, guaranteeing that your messaging gets out.

With that in mind, we do have strict editorial controls in place.   Fake news, adult content, and stories that are designed to inflame audiences are strictly prohibited on our platform.

Additionally, we cover a number of stories on our end as well.  These stories are on topics that are important to us, and are not sponsored by 3rd party brands.

For all stories that are sponsored by a person or brand, we add the following disclosure:

This story is brought to you by XYZ Individual/Brand via the USA Herald Platform

That way it is clear who is behind the story so the brand or individual can get the credit they deserve.

Also, if you believe there is an inaccuracy in a story, please report it here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and should you have any questions, please contact us.