We are always open to articles, videos and tips for stories. USA Herald strives to be the people’s voice in everything we do — that means giving you a platform to speak on issues that are important to you.

Before you submit your content to our editor, please read the rules and guidelines below.

Content policies

Video submissions and tips

If you have video or a tip you think we would be interested in, email our editor directly at [email protected]. You can also submit tips through our contact form. We can’t guarantee we’ll pick it up, but if we’re interesting in your video or pursuing your tip, we’ll get back to you within a week.

If you haven’t heard back, you can assume we have decided not to pick up your story. If you feel your submission may have been overlooked, please send a follow-up email. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Please be considerate of the privacy of others when sending videos, including the identities of minors and other vulnerable persons. We consider explicit material on an individual basis, depending on the value it adds to a developing story weighed against its potential for harm.

Writer’s guide

We are currently taking stories of all kinds, including hard news, feature stories, opinion pieces, and investigative pieces. We accept articles on all topics as long as they are relevant and/or thought provoking.

While we are a right-leaning news site, we do not limit article submissions to right-leaning perspectives. We seek to provide all sides of a story and welcome submissions from liberal and conservative authors alike.

Before sending us your article ask yourself the following questions. Article submissions that violate or fall short of these criteria will not be considered.

  1. Is your article timely? We want articles that speak to current issues.
  2. Is the article you’re submitting your own work? Or do you have permission from all contributing parties to publish the work? We are interested only in original content and are more than happy to run bylines with multiple contributing authors.
  3. Is your work free of plagiarism? We will not run stories that borrow heavily from other sources without adding something new to a story. You must also properly attribute any work not your own.
  4. Is your article slanderous, libelous, or in any other way considered to be defamation? We are not interested in personal attacks on people, public figures or otherwise. If you have a juicy expose, make sure it focuses on the facts first.
  5. Does your article misrepresent you or your topic in any way? We take very seriously the difference between slant and spin. Your article may represent a perspective on an issue, but we will not publish articles that promote a misrepresentation on an issue.
  6. Are you OK with minor changes to style, grammar, and spelling? All articles we run are proofread for style, grammar, and spelling. We follow AP style and use Merriam-Webster unabridged for spelling. Any changes above and beyond that will be brought to your attention prior to publication.
  7. Are you willing to put your name on it? You are responsible for your content and its views, opinions, and reporting. We will check your sources and verify facts, but it will be your name on the article. We run articles under pen names only under certain circumstances.

Getting published

If your article meets all of the above criteria, we’re interested in seeing it! You can email article submissions directly to our editor at [email protected].

Please send completed articles that are ready for publication (or as close to ready as possible) only. Rough drafts or outlines will not be accepted. Please send a Word file or Google doc. You may also copy text into the body of the email. If we pick up your article, we will request a short author bio.

We include a byline and pay a small fee for articles we pick up, though some contributors decline payment. It’s up to you. We pay $5 to $25 depending on the article and we pay at publication. No kill fee. Simultaneous submissions OK.