AG Schneiderman Proposes SHIELD Act to Protect New Yorkers from Data Breaches


On Thursday, AG Schneiderman explained that SHIELD Act will close major gaps in the security laws of New York. It will make the State a leader in data security because it requires robust protections for personal data.

On the other hand, Senator Carlucci, said “Recent data breaches have put New Yorkers at risk. We are woefully unprepared to protect against cyberattacks, putting America’s economy in peril. While the federal government drags their feet, we must act to protect New Yorkers. The SHIELD Act will serve as a blueprint for NY and the rest of the nation to follow to keep Americans safe.”

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Kavanagh said the legislation is important because it requires business to take appropriate steps to protect data. He emphasized, “In this technological age, we cannot allow companies to be careless with our personal information.”

SHIELD Act requirements

Under the SHIELD Act, companies will have legal responsibility to adopt reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for sensitive data.