Biden’s Voice: Investigating the Use of Generative AI in New Hampshire Robocalls


The recorded message, sent to multiple voters on Sunday, features a voice eerily similar to President Biden’s, uttering his trademark phrase, “What a bunch of malarkey.” 

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The deceptive call goes on to mislead voters, suggesting that voting in the Tuesday primary would somehow impact their ability to vote in the November general election.

Formella urged voters to disregard the message entirely. And said that voting in the primary does not preclude voters from participating in the general election.

Although President Biden is not actively campaigning in New Hampshire for the primary, his allies are running a write-in campaign for him.

False Identities 

The calls falsely appeared to recipients as coming from the personal cellphone number of Kathy Sullivan, a former state Democratic Party chair involved in Granite for America, a super PAC supporting the Biden write-in campaign. 

Sullivan, who discovered the unauthorized use of her personal information, promptly alerted law enforcement. And she followed it up with a complaint to attorney general’s office.