Edmond Chang Kickback Case: A Tangled Web of Deception and Greed


In a twist, Lee, now admitting his role in the scheme and testifying against Smith, revealed the extent of their collusion. The prosecution highlighted Lee’s pivotal role in causing the VA to pay nearly $2.8 million to Veterans Choice, half of which was deemed an overpayment.

Counter-Arguments and Surprising Revelations

Contrastingly, Smith’s defense, led by Phillip Turner, sought to unravel the government’s narrative, portraying Lee as the true orchestrator. They argued that Smith, a veteran himself, was unjustly accused, claiming his payments to Lee were for legitimate outside work, including promoting a major concert.

However, Lee’s testimony contradicted Smith’s defense, admitting to sharing inside information with Smith while acknowledging the illegality of his actions. He detailed his role in recommending specific medical equipment purchases, indicating a deep-seated complicity in the fraudulent scheme.

Edmond Chang Kickback Case : Retrial and Uncertainty

As the courtroom drama unfolds, a retrial looms in 2024, with a case-tracking status hearing scheduled for Dec. 1. The case has captivated observers with its intricate web of deceit, greed, and betrayal, painting a vivid picture of corruption within the VA system.