Ex-Philly Labor Leader Convicted Of Embezzlement


Dougherty’s extravagance didn’t stop at home repairs. He reportedly splurged on expensive suits, gourmet meals, lavish parties, and trips using the union’s credit card. These indulgences included a $4,000 birthday celebration for

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Marita Crawford, Local 98’s former political director and Dougherty’s rumored romantic interest.

The Ripple Effect: Co-defendants and Political Fallout

This embezzlement saga is but a thread in the larger tapestry of corruption trials involving Dougherty. A previous conviction in November 2021 with former Philadelphia City Councilman Bobby Henon for bribery underscored Dougherty’s influence-peddling. Other co-defendants in the embezzlement case, including Crawford, union training head Michael Neill, and others, have pled guilty to related charges.

Ex-Philly Labor Leader Convicted Of Embezzlement : Legal Representation and the Road Ahead

The defense teams, led by Gregory J. Pagano for Dougherty and Mark A. Kasten for Burrows, face an uphill battle in navigating the intricate legal maze ahead. The case’s bifurcation, with Dougherty and his nephew George Fiocca also facing extortion charges, adds layers to an already convoluted legal narrative.