Gutierrez-Reed Trial Begins for Rust Movie Set Death 


They highlight her alleged mishandling of the firearm and subsequent attempts to conceal evidence.

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The evidence they say she tampered with is narcotics allegedly found on the set. Her attorneys claim that the bag was thrown away without testing the contents.

In addition to the charges related to the “Rust” incident, Gutierrez-Reed faces separate legal troubles, including accusations of violating state gun laws in a bar. 

Her defense contends that these charges are part of a broader effort to coerce a false confession regarding her handling of live ammunition on set.

Alec Baldwin also Charged

The trial also shines a spotlight on broader industry safety standards and protocols.

The tragic events on the set of “Rust” prompted a reevaluation of safety measures within the film industry, with a particular emphasis on firearm handling and oversight. 

The responsibility of production management is also an issue.

 Alec Baldwin, the lead actor in “Rust” and a co-producer, faces his own legal challenges. Indicted on an involuntary manslaughter charge, Baldwin’s actions on set are under intense scrutiny.