John Monarch, CEO of Shipchain, Sued for Alleged Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Scheme


Earlier this year Monarch had found himself in default due to his lawyers legal errors.  Last month the judge presiding over the case against Monarch in South Carolina set the case on trial, stating that it should be tried on the “merits.”

According to Gorman “There will be a trial.  It will be very public.  And any result less than the forfeiture of all of Monarch’s assets to me will be considered, in my opinion, as a grave miscarriage of justice.”

John Monarch was contacted prior to the release of this article for comment and did not respond.

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3/13/18 ALERT!   Forbes takes down Shipchain article after discovering it was allegedly illegally paid for by Shipchain and/or someone at John Monarch’s direction.   The paid Forbes article touted Shipchain was a “revolutionary” company that is one of a “handful of blockchain platforms poised to do things even the Internet couldn’t accomplish.”  

*5/16/18 ALERT!  South Carolina Man Links to $100M+ in Alleged Scams – CLICK TO READ

*5/28/18 ALERT!   John Monarch’s cryptocurrency company, Shipchain, served with Cease & Desist order by South Carolina Attorney General

*7/28/18 ALERT!  South Carolina Attorney General issues a seemingly ominous order after vacating Cease & Desist:  “It does not and should not be interpreted to waive any future causes of action which may be brought as a result of any securities activities of the Respondant (Shipchain), whether detailed in the Administrative Order to Cease & Desist or Not.

*8/13/18 ALERT!  John Monarch’s business partner and co-founder of Shipchain placed on probation with the Arizona Bar till August of 2020 for role in alleged legal fraud schemes.

*9/12/18 ALERT!  Lawsuit filed against Shipchain and it’s founders: John Monarch, Aaron Kelly, Brian Evans, Sami Rusani

12/29/18  Shipchain ICO investors take to the internet to lament over lost money.