Kistos Completes £25M Buy Of EDF Unit


On the other hand, EDF’s divestiture reflects its shift towards prioritizing nuclear and renewable energy sources, according to Rachael Glaving, EDF’s commercial director. She acknowledged the significant role these sites have played in bolstering UK’s energy security.

Kistos Completes £25M Buy Of EDF Unit : Market Response

Following the announcement, Kistos’ shares experienced a positive uptick, trading at 167.75 pence, a 1.7% increase from the previous day’s close. This market reaction underscores the financial community’s optimism regarding Kistos’ strategic direction and its impact on the company’s future growth.

This acquisition not only represents a substantial addition to Kistos’ asset base but also plays a crucial role in its mission to lead in the energy sector’s transition. With its eyes set on future growth and innovation, Kistos continues to strengthen its market presence and operational capabilities.