Liberal Mainstream Media Recycles Russia Nothingburger Yet Again!


As many people have suggested, the Russia coverage is likely a tool being used as a distraction. What else is happening behind the scenes? What is the media attempting to conceal? Besides the obvious hidden agenda, what else is going on?

What Really Matters

Americans simply do not care about Russia. It is not important. If the Trump administration were guilty of any wrongdoing, it would have been discovered at this point. Furthermore, we, as Americans, have bigger issues to worry about.

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The controversy over DACA is a very prevalent issue. While that plays out, members of AntiFa are beating up civilians. Also, tax reform and funding for the border wall are in the works. On top of that, Hurricane Irma is getting ready to strike Florida and liberals have shown how classy they are by tweeting out how much they want the hurricane to strike Mar-A-Lago and the President’s family.

These are the critical, pressing issues Americans need to focus on. The Russia story is completely dead and meaningless. The media would do well to drop it.