Michigan Axes 1931 Ban on Abortion


Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bill 4006 into law on Wednesday. HB 4006 not only rolls back the 1931 ban on abortion. It also revokes another law deeming the sale or marketing of abortion medication as a misdemeanor offense.

Whitmer’s reelection

Last year, the Michigan governor handily defeated GOP opponent Tudor Dixon and went on to secure a second term. Much of Whitmer’s victory has been attributed to the issue of abortion and how much her position differed from Dixon’s.

During Michigan’s 2022 gubernatorial election, Dixon went on record opposing abortion in all cases. This includes cases of incest, rape, and threat to the health of the woman.

Throughout debates and in other parts of her campaign, Whitmer repeatedly hammered Dixon on the issue of abortion. The Michigan governor also made her support for Proposal 3 clear and urged the residents of her state to back this constitutional amendment as well.

During Wednesday’s signing ceremony, Whitmer made clear that she stands for abortion rights and believes the procedure should be available. Judging from the success of Proposal 3, most residents of the Wolverine State agree.