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Multiple Companies Sever Professional Ties with NRA, Outrage and Applause Ensues

With each passing day, the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting appears to intensify. Earlier today, Delta and United Airlines joined the list of several companies which have severed professional ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA), reports the New York Times.

An Overview of Mounting NRA Boycotts

The NRA has found themselves as the target of many outraged Americans. Calls for gun control increased after the tragic high school shooting in Florida and many left-leaning individuals view the NRA as complicit in lost lives.

Staunch NRA critics have even labeled the association as a “terrorist organization” and called to “#KillTheNRA” on social media. They have furthermore urged various American companies to cut ties and deals for NRA members. Thus far, TrueCar, Enterprise, MetLife, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and other businesses have yielded to pressure and announced their discontinuation of business with the NRA.

The feedback regarding the aforementioned boycotts comes in a mixed bag. Like many political disputes, thoughts and opinions greatly align with partisanship.

Applause and Outrage Regarding NRA Boycotts

Many of the foregoing companies took to social media to share their severed NRA ties. Liberals and progressives cheered the decisions, affirming their choices to increase business with the companies. Left-leaning Americans also applauded the various businesses for “taking a stand” against the NRA.

Conservatives have taken a very different approach. Unlike liberals, right-wing Americans have opined that certain corporations and businesses should simply stay out of politics. Moreover, conservatives affirmed that the NRA should not be held accountable for the actions of rogue criminals.

In light of the calls to “#KillTheNRA,” considerable amount of conservatives continue to sign up for NRA memberships and posted screenshots on social media with the hashtag “#TweetYourNRAMembership.”

Right-leaning Americans also believe that attacks on the NRA and calls for gun control are bigger than the Florida school shooting. Many have stated that progressives and liberals will not be satisfied until the Second Amendment is essentially nullified.

Concerned conservatives have taken to social media to share the foregoing opinions:

Many critics of the NRA continue to urge additional companies to boycott the organization. Meanwhile, NRA advocates have affirmed their support for the association and determination to work against those who wish for its dismantlement.