Niki Haley: Biden Surrendered to the Taliban


Some of her interviewers suggested that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was put in place by the Trump administration. And said Trump was just as much to blame as Biden for the fiasco. Haley disagrees.

“Under four years of Trump, Afghanistan was safe. We made sure that we kept terrorism at bay, and we came from a strength of position,” Haley said. 

“There are times where you have to negotiate with the devil, but you negotiate with the devil from a point of strength. You don’t do it from a point of weakness. We literally have no leverage right now with the Taliban.”

She suggests Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline for evacuations is not going to work. And claims it’s time for the U.S. to draw a line in the sand with the Taliban. The top priority should be getting Americans to the airport in Kabul safely.

“We’ve got to get our Americans out. We’ve got to stay true to those Afghan allies that we made promises to. And we’ve got to make sure we do this in a very strong way going forward,” Haley added.