Supreme Court refuses appeal in TM $36M Sanction Case


Initially, URS Holdings was awarded $1.8 billion, but the Ninth Circuit reversed this decision, stating that a press release indicating the defendants had secured $1.8 billion in government contracts was insufficient evidence of damages. On remand, the district court imposed $36 million in sanctions on the defendants for failing to produce necessary financial information.

TM $36M Sanction Case : Defense Counsel’s Argument

Topolewski’s defense contended that the sanctions should not apply to him since he lacked access to the withheld documents. Furthermore, they argued under Rule 37 that he should not be held accountable for another defendant’s alleged discovery infractions.

Neither party’s counsel provided immediate comments on the Supreme Court’s decision, and URS Holdings opted not to respond to Topolewski’s petition.

Topolewski is represented by attorneys John Morris and Steven M. Brunolli of Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP, while URS Holdings is represented by Diana Marie Torres of Kirkland & Ellis LLP.