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Trump Critics Slam Don Jr. and Trump Family Business

President Trump eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. recently issued a response to critics who slammed his family’s business, reports Fox News.

An Overview of Criticism of the Trump Family Business

Since the inception of President Trump’s time in office, his Trump organization and properties have become controversial. Some Americans have expressed concerns that President Trump’s time in office may benefit his brand and business. However, prior to his Presidency, Donald Trump vowed to abstain from foreign business deals.

The same concerns were vocalized regarding Ivanka Trump’s “Women Who Work” brand after Americans learned that she and her husband would be working with President Trump in the White House. Therefore, the eldest First Daughter, like her father, took a formal leave of absence from both The Trump Organization and her personal brand.

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First Sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are currently in charge of running The Trump Organization. However, critics of the Trump family still maintain that simply having President Trump in office could benefit the Trump brand. Many Trump supporters have countered this claim, affirming that The Trump Organization cannot simply cease operations due to Donald Trump serving as President of the United States.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Response to Recent Critics

Earlier this week, the eldest First Son traveled to India on business. The purpose of Don Jr.’s India venture was to follow up on prior business arrangements made before President Trump’s entry into the White House.

Nevertheless, critics seized the opportunity, citing concerns about Don Jr.’s presence in India and potential perceptions of U.S. representation. The State Department quickly put the aforementioned apprehensions to rest:

We certainly are aware that Mr. Trump is in the region. [He’s] there as a private citizen, not as an official of the U.S. government in any capacity.

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Donald Trump Jr. also responded to critics during his time on CNBC-TV18:

It’s sort of a shame. [We] put on all these impositions on ourselves.

[We] essentially got no credit for actually doing that … for doing the right thing.

Finally, the U.S. Embassy echoed the remarks of the State Department:

He is there as a private citizen. I don’t have any comment beyond that regarding his trip.