Ukrainian Prosecutor Presents Evidence of Biden Family Bribery Scheme


Multiple eyewitnesses have appeared before Congress, testifying that Joe and Hunter Biden exploited their influence within U.S. politics, effectively putting the U.S. government up for sale.

Archer’s testimony at the House Oversight Committee is particularly revealing. He confirmed that Hunter frequently enlisted the assistance of then-Vice President Joe Biden concerning Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

 While some left-leaning “fact-check” articles dispute the notion that Shokin was investigating Burisma, Archer asserted that Shokin indeed posed a threat to the company. Shokin’s actions included seizing assets belonging to Burisma’s owner, Nikolai Zlochevsky, including properties and vehicles.

Numerous individuals have corroborated Archer’s testimony, including Shokin himself and an FBI informant. The informant, a “credible source,” alleged that Burisma CEO Zlochevsky paid the Bidens a staggering $10,000,000 in exchange for Shokin’s dismissal.

Shokin’s court order on February 2, 2016, which resulted in the seizure of Zlochevsky’s property, led to his termination roughly two months later on March 29. Biden, in a self-congratulatory tone, openly boasted about demanding Shokin’s removal, threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if his demand was not met. This move effectively prevented Shokin from continuing to seize Zlochevsky’s assets and investigating the company where Hunter and Archer held influential positions.