What Peter Thiel, Cathie Wood and Michael Saylor Said During Bitcoin 2022 Conference


“[That’s] how institutional investors work, they tiptoe in. In the 70s it was real estate,” and in the 1980s and 1990s it was emerging markets, she said. “And now I think it’s going to be crypto starting with bitcoin and that’s very important, starting with bitcoin.”

Michael Saylor 

“I think a couple of weeks ago with the executive order, what we had was the president of the United States giving a green light to bitcoin,” he said as he sat next to Wood on their joint panel. Saylor was referring to President Joe Biden’s executive order in March for further work on developing a national policy on digital currencies. 

“If I scan the last 100 years of history, and I asked, ‘When is the last time the president of the United States directed the government to embrace a new asset class?’ The answer is never. So I think that bitcoin should be taking a victory lap for what happened here just in the past few weeks in the United States government,” Saylor said.