Winter Weather Brings Chaos as 40 inches of snow hits the Northeast


During the peak travel period on Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service in Buffalo, New York, warned of reduced visibility, projecting a snowfall rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. Buffalo police issued a winter weather advisory from 4 a.m., urging motorists to exercise caution.

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Wednesday marked the coldest day of the season, so far, for much of the East Coast, even reaching as far south as Florida. New York City experienced temperatures in the upper 20s, signaling the onset of a frigid spell. However, forecasts indicated a gradual rise in temperatures toward the weekend.

Reports on Social Media

Social media buzzed with images of heavy snowfall along Route 4 in Killington, Vermont, attesting to the intensity of the winter weather event. In Pennsylvania, Greene Township recorded 15.5 inches of snow, amplifying the scope of the wintry conditions.

Tragically, in Killington, Vermont, a bus collided with another vehicle on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the death of 71-year-old Mark J. Candon from Rutland. The collision underscored the perilous road conditions that had gripped the region.

Lake-effect event

Lake-effect snow is a localized weather phenomenon. It occurs in certain geographic regions, particularly near large bodies of relatively warm water, such as the Great Lakes in the Northeast.