Yamaha Worker’s PAGA Claim Headed to Arbitration, Panel Rules


Piran’s claims of Labor Code violations against Yamaha, including wage discrepancies, fall under the purview of the arbitration agreement she signed with the staffing agency that assigned her to Yamaha.

Yamaha Worker Must Arbitrate PAGA Claim: Upholding Standing, The Adolph Precedent

Despite the arbitration directive for individual claims, the panel rejected Yamaha’s argument that Piran lacked standing for her non-individual PAGA claims. Citing the California Supreme Court’s Adolph ruling, which reinforced a plaintiff’s standing to pursue non-individual claims even after individual claims are compelled to arbitration, the panel emphasized Piran’s right to pursue her case.

Yamaha Worker Must Arbitrate PAGA Claim: Counsel Perspectives and Next Steps

Yamaha’s counsel, Theane Evangelis of Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, hailed the appellate court’s decision to compel arbitration for Piran’s individual PAGA claim. However, no immediate comments were available from either party’s legal representatives.