19-Year-Old Crashes into White House Barrier to “seize power” and “Kill” Biden 


At approximately 9:35 P.M., Kandula drove the rented vehicle onto a sidewalk adjacent to the White House and deliberately collided with a metal barrier located north of the presidential residence. Undeterred, he reversed the truck and crashed into the barrier once again before being apprehended by vigilant U.S. Park Police officers.

During questioning, officials discovered a disturbing connection to Nazism when they inquired about a swastika flag that Kandula had removed from his backpack. 

He admitted to purchasing it online, stating his admiration for Nazis and their “great history.” The court document further revealed that Kandula expressed his respect for their authoritarian nature, eugenics practices, and desire for a one-world order.

Even more unsettling was his declared goal of entering the White House to “seize power” and assume control of the nation.

 When questioned about his plans, Kandula chillingly stated that he would not hesitate to “kill the President if that’s what I have to do” and expressed a willingness to harm anyone who stood in his way.