3 Years In Prison For LA Bank Embezzler

LA Bank $700K Embezzlement

Sammy Sims, the ex-chief financial officer at Eastern International Bank located in the heart of Los Angeles, might be sentenced to almost three years in jail after pleading guilty to a massive embezzlement exceeding $700,000. This sentencing suggestion by the federal government, as stated in a recent memo to a California federal court, proposes 33 months in prison, which is at the lower spectrum of the federal guidelines that could extend up to 41 months.

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Swift Acceptance of Responsibility Leads to Reduced Sentence

Despite the severity of his actions, Sims showed a prompt and thorough acknowledgment of his wrongdoing when confronted by law enforcement. This “embezzlement scheme was a pure money grab,” yet his immediate acceptance of responsibility has favorably impacted the government’s sentencing recommendation. After waiving his right to indictment, Sims pleaded guilty to bank fraud in February and consented to reimburse the bank fully. To date, he has returned $431,000, with plans to liquidate assets including his family home and bank shares to settle the remaining debt.

LA Bank $700K Embezzlement : Detrimental Impact on Eastern International Bank

Sims’ fraudulent activities inflicted significant damage on Eastern International Bank, a modest establishment in Chinatown serving family businesses with an annual budget slightly over $500,000. His refusal to confess his crimes to his employer initially forced the bank to incur additional expenses on accountants and lawyers to uncover the truth, further straining its financial health. As a result, the bank found itself unable to distribute employee bonuses.

LA Bank $700K Embezzlement : Extravagant Spending and Deceptive Practices

From 2018 to 2021, Sims exploited his position, particularly during the bank CEO’s medical leave, misappropriating funds for personal gains including credit card payments, steak dinners, and a Las Vegas vacation. He manipulated the bank’s ledger under the guise of tax payments and software purchases, diverting funds to personal debts and unauthorized investments in a music concert. Additionally, Sims deceived elder bank employees about their life insurance policies, leading them to buy new ones from his wife, who gained commissions from these transactions.

Legal Representation and Prosecution Details

Sims is defended by Alan Eisner from Eisner Gorin LLP, who emphasized Sims’ recognition of his misconduct and highlighted substantial mitigating factors in his background and character. On the other side, the prosecution is handled by Mack E. Jenkins and Jason Pang from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.