34% of Covid-19 Patients Suffer from Neurological or Mental Health Disorders, Study Finds


“Although the individual risks for most disorders are small. The effect across the whole population may be substantial for health and social care systems. This is due to the scale of the pandemic and many of these conditions are chronic.  As a result, health care systems need to be resourced to deal with the anticipated need. Both within primary and secondary care services.”

Dr. Max Taquet, co-author of the study from Oxford University, stated to understand “what happens beyond six months” continued research is imperative.

“The study cannot reveal the mechanisms involved. But does point to the need for urgent research to identify these. With a view to preventing or treating them.”

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“A previous observational study by the same research group reported Covid-19 survivors are at increased risk of mood and anxiety disorders in the first three months after infection. However, until now, there have been no large-scale data examining the risks of neurological as well as psychiatric diagnoses in the six months after Covid-19 infection,” the department said.