A Woman Was Fined For Planning to Exchange Her Liver For a Job for Her Son in Korea

Via Unsplash by Accuray
Via Unsplash by Accuray

A woman who planned to donate part of her liver to a man in exchange for cash and a job for her son has been fined, a report said.

Koren publication The Hankyoreh reported that a Korean woman in her 50s, named Ms K.

Ms K reportedly agreed to donate part of her liver in exchange for 100 million won ($77,000) and a job for her son, per The Hankyoreh.

The outlet reported that Ms K entered hospital on March 7 to have tests before making the donation, and was added to the organ donor register a week later. 

The surgery was then canceled. The chairman died in July while an investigation was carried out, per The Hankyoreh.

Their agreement was found to have breached South Korea’s organ transplant act, which states: “No person shall give, receive or promise to give or receive money, financial gain.”

A court ordered Ms K to pay a fine of 3 million won ($2,343), while Mr N was given a six-month prison sentence — suspended for two years. An accomplice received a one-year sentence.

“I thought my son would be able to get a job if the operation was a success. I also got greedy because they promised to give me money,” Ms K reportedly said during the trial, per The Hankyoreh.