AccuWeather Predicts Heat Wave in the US, Health Risks Soar


Next week, the Eastern and Central US can expect days of high temperatures above 90 degrees. According to AccuWeather RealFeel®, the temperatures will occasionally approach the 100-degree Fahrenheit mark.

AccuWeather Heat Warning

Tens of millions of people will be impacted by this heat wave. Those who don’t typically experience long-lasting summertime heat will now face extreme temperatures. Sunset won’t bring relief either, as overnight temperatures are expected to remain in the upper 60s to low 70s in many locations.

AccuWeather Chief Video Meteorologist Bernie Rayno warned, “The increased demand for cooling is going to be a problem here. This could have some impacts on the power grid.”

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Heat Index and Humidity

The presence of humidity with extreme heat can elevate the heat index, which reflects how hot it feels to the human body, to dangerous triple digits. Next week, the US may see heat index values in the low 100s as far north as Maine.

Health Risks

The health risks from heat will reach extreme levels for large parts of the US next week, according to the National Weather Service and CDC.