Aerospace Industries Association Announces Three Space Focused Panels for SXSW 2020


The panel will include the Astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz, Afrofuturist author Ytasha Womack, Hollywood planetary physicist and science advisor Kevin Grazier, and Lockheed Martin’s Dave Brandt. In this panel, there will be discussions on the creative process behind the science fiction storytelling. Furthermore, there will be a deep dive into the impacts on real world science.

Space Gold Rush

It has been predicted that the Earth’s first trillionaires will be minted in space through asteroid mining, 3D printing, and satellite services.

NASA’s Alex MacDonald, Lockheed Martin’s Joe Landon, and author Daniel Suarez will join The Verge’s Loren Grush. The panel will take a deep dive into the growing commercial opportunities in space. Also, there will be a further discussion on how the Space Gold Rush changes the world.

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The Gravity of Space Junk

Currently, commercial rockets and the CubeSats allow us to launch the satellites into space at a record breaking pace. At this fast rate, everything from faster internet to the more accurate GPS of the Earth has been made possible.