Michelle Obama: White Americans “Still Running” from Minorities


Race continues to persist as an issue which Democrats view as monumentally impactful in the United States. Countless times, leftists have asserted that an individual’s race determines their opportunities in life, the treatment they face in society, and much more.

On Tuesday, former first lady Michelle Obama spoke about race in America during her time at the Obama Foundation Summit. Obama discussed past experiences that she and her family experienced; she also touched upon issues which she views as relevant in present times.

Reviewing Obama’s Statements on Race in America

The former first lady shared her remarks at the Obama Foundation Summit with interviewer Isabel Wilkerson.

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While speaking with Wilkerson and to the audience, Obama stated that she and her family experienced “white flight” when they moved to the South side of Chicago. Following these remarks, the former first lady then declared that white Americans are “still running” from minority familes in present day.

Obama’s precise statements on these matters read as follows: