Dems Upset by Lack of GOP Support for Impeachment Resolution


For quite some time, the Democrat Party has expressed an interest in impeaching President Donald Trump. Impeachment has consistently engendered notable pushback from conservatives and Republicans who view it as unwarranted.

A July phone call which President Trump had with Ukraine leader Zelensky is being used as the latest fuel for impeachment. A whistleblower who never heard the call claims that Trump tried to force a quid-pro-quo; Trump, Zelensky, and the true transcripts of the aforementioned phone call stated otherwise. Nevertheless, Democrats persist.

Earlier today, Democrats passed an impeachment resolution. This resolution ultimately allows the Democrat Party to publicize various aspects of the inquiry. However, following these results, Democrats expressed disappointment in the GOP’s decision to unanimously oppose the resolution.

What You Need to Know about Democrats’ Message to the GOP

Democrats have repeatedly remained critical of Republicans who aren’t supporting this current inquiry. On Thursday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer censured the GOP for supposedly refusing to “defend the Constitution & uphold their oath of office.” However, the truth is that many Republicans don’t view the impeachment inquiry as an honest defense of the Costitution or their oath of office.

Democrats have repeatedly tried to impeach the president. Newly-elected House Democrats bragged about “impeaching the m*therf*cker” before they officially assumed their positions in Congress.

It’s completely disingenous for the Democrat Party to behave as if this impeachment inquiry is anything other than an attempt to undo the 2016 election. Various left-wing pundits have also gone on television and expressed concerns that Trump will win a second term in the White House if he’s not impeached.

Words from Republican Leadership

Democrats are not the only ones with feedback on today’s impeachment resolution. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also had some choice words; throughout his commentary, McCarthy responded to Democrats who are unhappy that Republicans firmly opposed them.

In the House Minority Leader’s censure of the Democrats, he reminded Americans’ of the Democrats’ attempts to impeach Trump behind closed doors:

Throughout the day, McCarthy also warned the Democrat Party of the perils associated with failing to accept the election results.

In the House Minority Leader’s own words: