Afghan start-up proves crowdsourced info saves lives


Conditions are rapidly deteriorating in Afghanistan. The US military is leaving the country and the Taliban is gaining control of major areas. And there are lots of Americans and Afghans trapped in-between. Getting accurate crowdsourced info may be the key to staying alive in a country that is falling apart.

The website reports that Kabul-based tech startup Ehtesab is providing vital information about power outages, bombings, traffic jams, and checkpoints. The streamlined security-related information includes general security updates in Kabul. The compiled data feeds into the Ehtesab app. And sends out push notifications.

Crowdsourced info equals accountability

Their website says the company developed from a 2017, awareness project “intended to shed light and increase the accountability of parliament members in the Afghan parliament.” And it formally launched in March 2020. And it has 20 employees.

Ehtesab means “accountability” in the Afghan dialects of Dari and Pashto. And the app uses real-time crowdsourced info.