After Days of Silence, Biden Finally Visits Texas Following Deadly Winter Storms


Biden spent time in Houston and ultimately visited a food bank and vaccination facility. In addition to speaking with Texas volunteers, the 46th president also met with the Texas GOP governor, Texas congressmembers, and local leaders in the Lone Star State. Before Biden returned to Washington D.C. from Texas, he stated that “America can do anything.”

Biden then later vowed that Texas has support from the federal government.

Reactions to Biden’s Texas visit

Many Republicans weren’t impressed with the current president’s time in the Lone Star State. Biden took his time with responding to the news of Texas storms, to begin with; this didn’t sit well with conservatives and they’ve made this known on social media.

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Biden’s entire response to the terrible winter storms is also facing comparisons to what a response would look like under President Trump. Many conservatives stated that if the 45th president remained in office, he wouldn’t have waited days and days to recognize Texas’ plight.

Finally, certain Biden critics believe that the reason for his Texas visit centered around photo ops and politics, rather than heartfelt care.