AI Expected to Cause Job Cuts at Disney


Society continues to be confronted with ongoing debates about artificial intelligence (AI) and whether its effects pose an overall net positive or negative.

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So far, no clear consensus exists. Supporters of AI believe the technology can serve as a helping hand to humans in both their professional and personal lives. Detractors, however, feel AI will slash jobs, increase poverty, and otherwise advance societal ills.

It’s clear that AI isn’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, more businesses have begun testing the technology to ascertain the true extent of its capabilities.

One of those businesses is none other than Disney.

A closer look at the merge between Disney and AI

So far, Disney’s efforts to put AI to use remain in the infancy stage.

As things currently stand, the company has set up a task force that will center on AI’s ability to handle certain industry assignments. In keeping with this task force, various available job listings from Disney also specifically seek candidates with knowledge of both AI and machine learning.