Airbnb Rolling Out New Measures to Boost Renter Engagement


Over the years, Airbnb has become a tremendously popular platform used by travelers and homeowners. People who are visiting an area – or even in the middle of relocating or otherwise transitioning – often use Airbnb to have a base in their current location.

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The rental service also helps homeowners bring in some extra cash. These folks stand to earn enviable sums of money simply by renting out their property on a nightly, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Even still, Airbnb is looking to further engage people via its platform. Interestingly enough, one of the travel company’s latest goals is to extend the ways in which renters can operate on the app.

Extra income for renters through Airbnb?

Traditionally, renters’ only involvement on Airbnb has been booking – and subsequently staying at – the listings on the platform from homeowners. Though if Airbnb gets its way, renters will soon also have the ability to put their own spaces up on the platform. So far, this feature has been restricted to just homeowners.