AI’s Threats to Humanity Highlighted in New State Department Report


Ever since artificial intelligence (AI) emerged, people have expressed significant concerns about its potential pitfalls.

One of the most common worries is that AI will worsen people’s access to jobs as a result of automation. Others even suggested that sans the necessary regulations, artificial intelligence could infringe upon individual privacy rights and cause other problems.

In 2024, polling reveals that much of the public favors the government stepping in and implementing certain mandates to keep AI contained. After a recent report from the US State Department, support for regulating this technology is likely to increase even more.

Here’s what the State Department is saying about AI

Ahead of publicizing the aforementioned report, the US State Department reviewed AI’s constant growth and its ability to shield American interests. Part of this work involved speaking with the leaders of AI companies, national security experts, specialists on weapons of mass destruction, and even cybersecurity investigators.